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Why By Number?

An exciting range of clean, crisp oil lamps manufactured in Denmark from stainless steel and glass.

Innovative products for contemporary dining. Developed with the intention of making everyday articles more user friendly and beautiful.

A brilliant example of which would be the table and floorstanding candlesticks conceived by designer Paul Stilling. The perfect way to make your dinner party setting stand out!

If you are after a more intimate understated mood their range of frosted glass oil lamps are beyond compare for table lighting that creates a warm delicate ambience.

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Why Dartington Crystal?

Dartington Crystal are one of the few traditional English glass makers is still producing hand made, hand blown glass. They are the biggest UK crystal manufacturer, based in Torrington in Devon.

We feature their lovely glass candle holder ranges. Each piece is a true original. and made by a team of craftsman headed by the master craftsman with at least 10 years experience.

Dartington was originally part of the Dartington Hall Trust near Totnes in Devon and their glass making tradition was influenced by Swedish craftsman who came over and worked with them, influencing the traditional English pieces with Scandinavian design.

Established in 1967

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Why Furnantics?

Furnantics import unique interior design items, sourced from Thailand and China, and stringently quality controlled

I was impressed by the quality of their vases, candleholders and trays which were well made and finished.

The designs are contemporary and carefully chosen as well

Supply to Heal's, Selfridges, and V & A Museum amongst other highly reputable retail stores.

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Why Holmegaard?

Holmegaard Glass works have been producing glass of the highest craftsmanship - hand-blown and hand-shaped - since 1825.

Begun by Countess Henriette Danneskiold-Samsoe on a peat bog, that fuelled the furnaces, it was Henriette's dream to product the clear drinking glasses which were then the preserve of the Bohemian glass makers.

Not only did she succeed in her dream, but over the next 175 years, Holmegaard became THE name in Danish glass ware.

In the 20th century, many of Denmark's best designers are associated with Holmegaard Glass. Each vase, candleholder or wine glass is hand blown and unique.

We invite you to enjoy a beautiful piece of Danish design and history. The Scandinavian candlelight tradition is a truly lovely addition to a home.

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Why Love?

The breathtaking solid colours are offering nearly unlimited combinations for every occasion. Perfect "Mix and Match" leads your creativity into new dimensions.

  • Whether smart & sophisticated or stylish
  • Whether funky, funny and bright
  • Or even the eclectic way
  • For your own pleasure
  • Or as an amazing gft for good friends

The Love range of products are always the right choice!

Maximum quality down to the last detail reflects more than 140 years of experience in glass making.

Only water soluble colours (no lead, no cadmium) are allowed to touch this extraordinary range of products.

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Why PO:?

PO:, the Danish designers, take their name from a word coined by Edward de Bono meaning an alternative way of thinking. Rather than locking themselves into existing patterns and traditions, PO: are always designing new and innovative forms.

Quadrat is a collection of more than 20 products in anodized aluminium, conceived by award-winning Designer Frank Kerdil, to reflect the way in which modern homes are decorated. This collection has many forms - from fruit bowls, to shelves, to key holders - and can be combined and used almost everywhere in the home.

Frank's bold re-imagining of the fruit bowl as a collection of 'posts' typifies their design style and innovative approach.

The best-selling Quadrat series has been expanded to include a range in beech wood, under the title of Square.

Square as a range has a warmer, softer appeal than the aluminium range and is ideal for those looking to create a feeling of warmth in their home.

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